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Celebrating 25 Years

Reflections on Reaching a Quarter-Century Milestone

From our earliest efforts on the Wayne County Courthouse and U.S. Treasury Annex to more recent projects such as the Michigan State Capitol and the renovation of the three main venues within the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, we’ve been privileged to work on some of the nation’s most iconic and venerated buildings.

Of course, over the lifetime of most of the historic buildings we’ve helped to preserve (and in many cases, transform), the passage of 25 years is hardly worth noting. But in the life of an individual architect, that length of time can easily span a career. So, on the occasion of our silver anniversary, it’s appropriate to recognize the hundreds of professionals who have put into practice our core values of craft, collaboration, community and stewardship.

As is true for architecture itself, the future of our firm is rooted in our past. We’re committed to making each of today’s projects — and tomorrow’s — sustainable, beautiful and enduring.

Celebrating 25 years of collaboration

Throughout our eleven years of collaboration with Quinn Evans, they have continually proven their dedication to our institutional goals and the stewardship for our site.
John Valliant, former Executive Director
Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum
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