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Carl Elefante, FAIA, LEED AP O+M


Carl Elefante has built an extensive body of work in the fields of architecture, historic preservation, urban design and sustainable development. As QEA's Director of Sustainability and a recognized expert in the field of green preservation, Carl leads the firm’s sustainable design practice as well as its college/university studio. 

Finding inspiration throughout the ages — from Rome’s Pantheon, to Giam Lorenzo Bernini, to the architecture in the movies Bladerunner and Brazil — Carl is a strong advocate for the power of design in shaping people’s lives. Of his many projects at QEA, his work on the HD Cooke Elementary School is among his favorite: “Despite tight constraints, we restored pride in a neighborhood landmark, found value in the ordinary with strategic alterations and created a 21st century school.”


Joined QEA in 1996


  • Univeristy of Maryland, Bachelor of Architecture, 1980

What, where and how we build shapes who we can be and what we can do. We don’t credit the influence of design on our lives nearly enough.