Facilities Master Planning

Maximizing resources, addressing requirements for growth, exploring sensitive interventions, charting a realistic course toward a long-term vision: facilities master planning plays a key role in the stewardship of facilities, campuses, urban settings, and historic landscapes. Our holistic approach begins with a strong understanding of the institution’s mission as well as the character-giving features of the specific place. We address infrastructure modernization to ensure functionality well into the future, while building upon the significant features of facilities and their environments. Above all, our plans advance our clients’ missions by defining a path to evolve and grow in alignment with long-term goals and priorities.

Our multi-layered methodology includes analytical cost modeling and evaluation of phasing alternatives as well as insightful visioning, partner outreach, and development of capital campaign materials. As a result, our clients’ decision-making is well-informed and effective in achieving improvements while enhancing the unique and meaningful sense of place.

Expert Team