The structure at 600 Randolph was completed in 1902. Built in the Baroque Revival and Beaux Arts Style, and designed by architect John Scott, the building housed the Wayne County Courthouse.

The last full renovtion was in 1988, which is when QEA first worked on the building. Since then, minor repairs were done, mostly on the interior, until it became vacant in 2008. 
We were pleased to revisit a structure we had touched before, especially one with rich historical interior and exterior features including a raised lawn plinth, a grand entrance staircase on Randolph, granite and sandstone exterior blocks, large interior corridors with mosaic tile floor and marble wainscoting, mosaic tiles and original light fixtures, and decorative plaster and cornice in rooms. 

As there is currently no program intended for the building at this time, the main goal of this project was to provide a water-tight exterior envelope so that the building could last another 30 - 50 years. By focusing on the main issues, a compact and thorough restoration scope was created. Key areas were identified as sources of existing or probable water infiltration, such as the parapet, and 5th-floor balconies and cornices, failing roof systems and deteriorated window conditions. Areas of public safety concern were also addressed, such as any spalling stone that could become dislodged from the building or trip hazards at the stairs and plazas at each fa├žade.