The QEA Detroit Team with University of Michigan student, Sulaymaan Suhrawardy

Last week, Quinn Evans Architects was happy to host an architecture student from the University of Michigan, Sulaymaan Suhrawardy. Here is an insight on his week-long experience in our office.  

A Week in the Life at QEA 
By Sulaymaan Suhrawardy 
It's an architecture firm. Like, they make buildings and stuff. Just draw windows and doors all day in perpetually frustrating computer programs. But not really. What goes on behind the closed doors of a studio focused on imbuing life and energy into moldy buildings is much more than drawing hundreds of orthogonal lines endlessly. It's a collaborative process that involves multidisciplinary know-how, field trips to fantastic sites throughout historic locations, maintaining personal relations with a diverse client base and contractors, team refocus meetings within the studio, and a great view of a marvelous city.  
In Detroit, Quinn Evans Architects (QEA) particularly epitomizes the fusion of individual knowledge, creativity, and backgrounds into a cohesive entity proposing meaningful design solutions to current tasks. The institution stands out from others in its field in that it is not intent on erecting new monstrosities in a limping city, but instead lives to tangibly revitalize frayed urban fabrics by means of architectural preservation, restoration, and rehabilitation. This is inherently an emotional act because several legacies - past, present, and future - are at stake in this process. In this way, QEA aims to practice a humanized architecture. 
The balancing act that QEA plays between old and new is akin to riding a unicycle while juggling the comforts, requirements, and hopes and dreams of a community. It's by these efforts that Detroit can expect to once again experience glory - born out of strain-hardened steely resilience. So while you do sometimes have to draw window and door details, what goes in and what comes out of 4219 Woodward Ave, Suite #301 is absolutely grand. 
--Sulaymaan Suhrawardy

It was a great week full of learning -- thanks for joining us, Sulaymaan!