With Punxsutawney Phil's failure to see his shadow during yesterday's Groundhog Day ceremony, comes the anticipation of warm weather, and more importantly, the anticipation of travel! Last summer, I had the opportunity to head down to Nashville, Tennessee, the Music City of America, But, this trip involved much more than cowboy boots and country music. Crossville, a leading manufacturer of porcelain tile, houses their facilities just east of Nashville and I was able to witness their manufacturing process first hand. Their dedication to sustainability and commitment to local sourcing makes them stand out in rather long list of manufacturers making true porcelain tile.  
Crossville was the first large manufacturer to earn TCNA's Green Squared Certification and the first to invent a way to recycle tile post-fire porcelain to use for new product stock. They not only reuse their own "mistakes" made in house, but they're also accepting tile from previously installed installations in their Tile Tack Back program. Since they started this program back in 2009, more than 300,000 pounds tile have been recycled from renovation projects! (Does anybody else see this happening for Detroit projects?!)  
The best part of the tour was when the guide escorted the group just outside the plant. What stood in front of me was the biggest pile of toilets I have ever seen! This huge mountain of white toilets were about to be crushed into a powder, forming the base raw material of Crossville's porcelain tile. These pre-consumer TOTO toilets were on to bigger and better things, like flooring and wall installations! These toilets would normally end up in a land fill, but Crossville has spared more than 21 million pounds of waste from being tossed. 
I must say, Crossville is a new sustainability hero in my book! Check out the other amazing ways this manufacturer has a large scale effort in going green.