Today our offices in Washington, DC and Ann Arbor and Detroit, Michigan met together for pizza via conference call for another great Talk 25 program.  

What is Talk 25?

It is 5 staff members each giving a 5 minute presentation on one of their current projects. It is a quick review that give everyone a glimpse of range of work happening at QEA. Today the focus was on work members of our Heritage Conservation Studio have been creating. Later in the year we will do another Talk 25 focusing on Sustainability.  
The breadth of the work shown today was impressive from historic investigation to determine original materials, techniques for surveying a State Capitol, investigating and mitigating moisture infiltration, identifying historic features to inform renovation designs, and linking BIM with GIS to catalog past, present and future. Listening made me proud to be a part of a firm involved in such interesting and important work. Then when it was pointed out that 4 of the 5 projects shown are National Historic Landmarks, I knew I had to write and brag about QEA. 
For those inquiring minds who want to know, the NHL buildings QEA is working on that were presented today are: Mount Vernon, Henry Ford's Fairlane, Octagon House, and Michigan State Capitol. The fifth building, while not an NHL, is still a significant historic structure and is Alderman Library at UVA.