Avid blogger and AIA Fellow Klaus Philipsen took to the web to write an insightful piece on the history of Cho Benn Holback + Associates and its recent acquisition by Quinn Evans Architects.

In the article, published on the blog Community Architect Daily, Klaus offers a unique perspective on the beginnings of the firm, originally Cho, Wilks & Burns.

In addition to citing the firm’s ranking and local billings, Klaus takes us back to 1986, when the firm first opened its doors with a storefront board that read “Concerned Architecture”. The article also lists some of the more significant projects CBH + A has completed in its 30 plus years of history. These include such projects as the Tindeco Apartments, Baltimore’s light rail line, Clipper Mill, American Brewery, the Shakespeare Theater, and the Lillian Jones Apartments, to name a few.  
The article also delves into the current architecture industry and seeks to understand the move by CBH + A to join QEA. Klaus expressed that the acquisition is seen more as “[…] a logical next step in a competitive market in which small and mid-size firms have an increasingly hard time with keeping up and maintaining all the resources necessary to run a modern firm.” 
Klaus Philipsen, FAIA worked for CWB for 7 years and is currently President at ArchPlan, a Baltimore-based architecture firm.  
You can read the full article here.