Community Engagement is always an important element to any successful project. Often, it is the smaller towns that have the most to say.

In this case, the City of Dexter, Michigan with a rapidly growing population of 4,420, had plenty to say about a new development being planned for 3045 Broad Street – a site located just two blocks from the city’s vibrant, historic downtown and overlooks the serene, natural setting of Mill Creek Park.  
On December 6th, 2017, Quinn Evans Architects joined the developer, Norfolk Homes, and various representatives from the City of Dexter to host the first of several community engagement forums to discuss the potential development. This forum was an opportunity for local residents to be heard before any design work had commenced. What is important to them? What do they need in their community? What is their story? Topics focused around providing a walkable, pedestrian-friendly environment and extending the urban density and scale of the downtown while balancing the site’s relationship with the park and its impact on the city’s growing traffic congestion.  
Check out our video of the first session:


“The reason community engagement is so important during the design process is because it’s never about a developer or the architect coming to a local town or community and putting their vision or their thumbprint on a particular site. It’s really about what drives the community itself. It’s about them. It’s about the local residents, the people who live and work there.”

Richard Hess, Senior Associate

A link to the video on Vimeo is here.