QEA recently led the design team and the GSA through a virtual reality experience of the proposed renovation for their 985 Michigan Avenue property in Detroit.

The BIM model was exported, then a “Virtual Room” was set up in the meeting that let people use the goggles and joysticks to move through the site, lobby, and second level of the building. The experience increased the understanding of scale and spatial relationships of the proposed design for all stakeholders.

The client loved the experience. The system was set up in advance and participants were invited to put the 3D goggles on after the slide presentation to help them better understand the spatial concepts presented to them. Those without goggles on were able to see what the viewer was experiencing on a laptop screen. It was extremely helpful as a spatial aid for both the client and consultants who meticulously walked through the site to evaluate the successes/failures in spatial relationships. Although the system was only intended for the morning design meeting, the client asked us to keep it set-up so that the afternoon participants could get a chance to have the experience as well. Overall a very fun, engaging, and successful leveraging of technology as design and presentation tool.

See a video of the experience below: 

IMG_5069_use for post from Quinn Evans on Vimeo.