For those who aren’t fans of major league sports, Detroit has much to offer in the realm of alternative athletics. From roller derby, to feather bowling, to fowling, the city’s DIY attitude lends itself well to creating delightfully obscure forms of entertainment. However, fowling is the only experience of these that unique to Detroit. 
Started in an old Detroit toy factory, the Fowling Warehouse is now expanded into an old Jeep factory in Hamtramck. You enter into the massive space that remains open, save for the layers of netting and bouncing footballs. The rules are pretty simple on paper: teams take turns throwing footballs to knock down their opponents bowling pins and the first team to knock down all the pins wins. The complexity comes in when the football bounces for the first time and sporadically rebounds with no discernible sense of direction or predictability. Any bounce that knocks down pins counts against you, even the rebounds from the teams playing next to you. So while you try to line up your throw, you must also be constantly watching and shielding your pins from neighboring projectiles. Should you get bored, there are also two bars complete with a mystery craft beer vending machine. 
Despite the fact that I have avoided ever learning to throw a football before that night, I was a fast learner and had a tremendously fun time. Add that amusement to the urban character of the refurbished factory, and DIY game created from the simple mix of football and bowling and you have a place that typifies a night out in the Motor City. I’m definitely adding fowling to my list of places to take visitors for an experience that is distinctly Detroit.