With the holiday season in full force, you can't help but think about the most valuable sentiment of the season: giving back.

20 years ago, in partnership with local Boys & Girls Clubs across America, Herman Miller created a national event with the sole purpose of bringing all the best of the season to over 6,000 children in multiple cities in the United States. WeCare takes place every December with the help of over 200 of the best interior design firms in the country.  

"We Care enables children to let their creativity shine by making holiday gifts for family, teachers, and friends at a variety of craft stations." 
- Herman Miller -

Members of the Quinn Evans Architects family joined many others in the interior design industry for a beautiful afternoon in Detroit. Each had chosen a small, easy craft to enjoy producing with the kids, who will later gift them to family members.  

For me, the event is special because the children are so sweet and I really enjoy watching how happy they are to make something special for someone they love. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and being thanked by each child is a humbling experience. The children were so proud of their craft and one boy, when we complimented his project, told us with such pride that he was an “artist”. 
Christmas can become such a busy time, this event allowed me to feel the connection to what [the holiday season] is truly about, spending time and caring for others. I can’t wait to participate next year. 
- Geraldine Drake, NCIDQ -

The WeCare event resonates at a deeper level with the core values of our firm and our commitment to the community at large. This holiday season we encourage each and every one of you to take some time to bring cheer and joy to someone in need.  

Participation in this year's event by Quinn Evans Architects, was championed by Interior Designer, Fatima Beacham. Her exemplary commitment to service inspires all of us here at QEA.  

I think that this event marks the start of what the holiday season really means to most of us: giving, celebrating and sharing! Making those kids feel special and seeing those big smiles...! That to us is the best reward, and the whole team had fun doing it too. It was really great to see the whole Architecture & Design community come together. 
I am incredibly proud that QEA took the opportunity to be part of this event to make a difference on each of those kids for the day. It really shows what type of people our company is made out of. 
- Fatima Beacham, Interior Designer -

Cheers to you and Happy Holidays!