Quinn Evans Architects is working with the Mount Vernon Ladies Association on the evolving development of a historic building information model and management systems - or HBIM. Mount Vernon's HBIM is among the first of its kind. It provides a framework to integrate historical and cultural information about the historic site, the landscape, its buildings, and artifacts. This ground-breaking work represents the evolving use of digital tools to manage the preservation of historic resources. The system interweaves Autodesk Revit with Esri ArcGIS and CityEngine to provide a user-friendly interface.  
In an article entitled "How Tech is Transforming Preservation" for the April 2015 issue of Architect Magazine, Gideon Fink Shapiro details the in depth work that went into the pilot HBIM project and how it will expand for future use. Read the entire article here.

"The HBIM will offer a dynamic view of Mount Vernon, one that defies the image of an artifact unchanged since the American Revolution" 
- Gideon Fink Shapiro - Architect Magazine