Research. Exploration. Interaction. Discovery. Our work at Quinn Evans Architects involves many types of environments dedicated to learning. While these buildings are diverse, ranging from schools and higher education facilities to libraries and museums, all reflect energy and purpose in their commitment to lifelong learning. 
Traditional concepts of classrooms, labs, lecture halls, and galleries have evolved into dynamic spaces that inspire a quest for learning through interaction, hands-on activity, collaboration, interdisciplinary study, and the latest in multimedia instructional and archival tools. Mobile technology affords the ability to engage in on-demand, independent learning, while modern educational environments also celebrate knowledge-building and sharing through transparency, connections, and flexible spaces for teamwork and presentations. 
Today’s educational experiences begin by empowering students within a robust learning environment—whether a state-of-the-art STEM classroom, a vibrant campus library, or a carefully preserved historic site. As architects, we approach each of these design projects knowing that objectives range from the practical to the far-reaching. How do we prepare students of all ages for the challenges of the 21st-century workplace? How do we promote global awareness? How do we engage and encourage lifelong learners through active experience?