Cross Street Partners' redevelopment of this historic 38,000-sf building in Southwest Baltimore into modern and flexible workspaces is featured by Baltimore Business Journal in an article by Carley Milligan entitled "Cool Digs: Inside the redeveloped Lion Brothers Building". The project was designed by the Baltimore office of QEA, Cho Benn Holback | a Quinn Evans Company, and team led by principal, Anath Ranon, including Ethan Marchant, Allison McElheny, and John Fricano.

In redeveloping the building, Cross Street Partners strove to show off its industrial past with exposed brick walls, large factory windows, salvaged lights, machine elements and 12-foot ceilings. Designers focused on natural light and architectural aesthetics, and incorporated Cross Street Partners' signature open floor plan. 

Carley Milligan 
Digital Editor 
Baltimore Business Journal