Leveraging technology and collaboration has been central to the development of the new Living and Learning Residential Hall 6 at Gallaudet University. With highly unique program requirements, the new 175-bed residence hall is designed utilizing the University’s Deaf Space Guidelines. The Guidelines were created to encourage the design of environments that foster the unique identity of those within the deaf community by promoting safety and well-being and supporting connectivity through visual communication. The first major capital project undertaken in over 30-years, LLRH6 will set the standard for future development on campus. 
QEA is architect-of-record on the competition-winning Design/Build Team with LTL Architects and Sigal Construction , and guiding the contextual response for this new building on its traditional campus. The integrated team quickly developed sophisticated solutions to implement an aggressive delivery for Fall 2012 occupancy.  
Use of advanced design and communication tools has improved our ability to evaluate ideas and track decisions. Early in the process, the team used a combination of advanced computer-based design tools, hand drawings and modeling to engage with the University stakeholder community and build consensus. Using REVIT, a comprehensive digital model been shared across the team enabling a fully-coordinated and fluid design and construction process. For example, a new campus-wide geothermal system was easily and efficiently incorporated in response to new owner objectives mid-way through design. Structural sub-contractors have used the model to complete geo-pier, concrete, and structural steel shop drawings. The quantity and quality of the shared information is intense; use of an advanced project information management tool has facilitated efficient and accurate communication and file sharing, and has enhanced the collaborative process.  
The shared energy of the integrated collaborative team has inspired all involved as we look forward to introducing an exciting addition to the Gallaudet Campus Green