Whether managing a historic building or site or overseeing a modern campus environment, property owners have long recognized the importance of planning for change, addressing organizational and cultural shifts, environmental issues, and technological advances. At Quinn Evans Architects, we help clients manage these changes with a constantly evolving array of tools and skills of our own.  
At Mount Vernon, a new Historic Building Information Management (HBIM) tool is transforming stewardship and curation at this treasured national landmark. Our deep expertise in preservation planning—including research-based assessments and community outreach—is providing a roadmap for clients from Miami to Iowa to restore and maintain cherished historic properties and create vibrant new visitor experiences. In Washington, DC, a school at the heart of a diverse neighborhood will soon find new ways to serve both students and the community. In Detroit, a city undergoing exciting change, we have several projects that will bring new life to old buildings and revitalize the urban landscape. In planning and design, we help clients meet today’s needs while embracing the promise of tomorrow.

George Washington's Mount Vernon Mansion, Mount Vernon, VA 
Captured by Gavin Ashworth