The renovation of the Southeast Library in Hennepin County, Minnesota is one step closer to becoming a reality.

After almost a decade of conversations between the County, architects, and the community at-large, the project has been approved, pulling funds from the County itself and existing library funds.  
According to an article published by Minnesota Daily, “the facelift will fix the library’s existing Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility issues and revamp everything from the basement up.” The library, originally designed as a credit union by local architect Ralph Rapson, is a community icon with its open concept, brutalist architecture. The building was later converted into a library in 1967.  

A new vision for the library is being developed through a community and staff engagement plan. The library’s program is unique as it serves both the public and academic communities immediately surrounding the site. 

“We do want to regroup and start connecting more than we have been with the University as a whole, as well as with University libraries”

Kevin Lian-Anderson 
Library Services Manager, Hennepin County

The team, a collaboration between MacDonald and Mack Architects and Quinn Evans Architects, is developing two options for the project. The first is an interior renovation and careful restoration of the mid-century gem. The second option is an addition, to potentially be located within the existing on-site underground parking to maximize the allowable footprint while respecting the existing building structure.  
According to the article, the renovation of the library will be completed by spring of 2019. Read the full article here.