As a reflection of our ever-changing society, schools must constantly adapt to evolving cultural values, educational approaches, as well as community demographics and dynamics. Quinn Evans Architects is currently working with Arlington Public Schools to address challenges related to continued substantial growth in enrollment. Located in the suburbs of Washington, DC, Arlington is unique as one of the largest and most diverse school districts in Virginia, but it occupies the smallest geographic area.  
Through the assessment and interpretation of quantitative and qualitative data assimilated as part of a district-wide study by MKThink, QEA is implementing change through data-driven decision making. With an informed perspective of existing buildings, QEA devised a series of modification scenarios for Washington-Lee High School. The goal is to optimize capacity within the school by increasing the utilization of instructional classrooms and learning spaces along with the creation of new teacher collaboration rooms - all which serve to solve existing space “bottlenecks” and scheduling challenges.