QEA team members, Allie Jarett in Richmond, Dan Clunis in Ann Arbor, and Brandon Friske in Detroit have recently become licensed architects. The architect licensing process involves passing six architectural registration exams and acquiring approximately 3,600 hours of architectural experience categorized in six practice areas. Once these requirements are fulfilled, a candidate can apply to be a registered architect in their state of residence.

Allie Jarett

Binford Middle School, Garden Club build day

Allie Jarett has eight years of architectural design experience. She has worked as a designer on QEA projects such as Courtland High School, the Henley Middle School Fit For Life Center and the renovation and expansion of AG Wright Middle School.  

Jarett holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. 

She is a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), serving as a Team Leader for the Connect the Dots program at Binford Middle School.


Dan Clunis

Michigan Central Station

Daniel Clunis has six years of architectural design experience. Since joining QEA in 2017, Dan has worked as a designer on numerous projects on QEA projects such as 985 Michigan Avenue for the General Services Administration, and the National Air and Space Museum Renovation. Currently, he is also part of the design team rehabilitating Michigan Central Station.  

Clunis holds a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Michigan's College of Architecture, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture from Michigan State University.  

Brandon Friske

Brandon Friske is an Associate of QEA with over 13 years of architectural experience, including work in multi-family residential, retail, and adaptive reuse projects. Since joining QEA in 2006, Brandon has worked as a senior designer on numerous projects including Checker Cab, Knapp's Centre an adaptive use of a historic department store, as well as the 7.Liv development in Detroit.  

Brandon holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Lawrence Technological University. 

Congratulations Allie, Dan, and Brandon!