Heritage buildings, sites, and landscapes are valuable links to our collective past and worthy of stewardship for future generations. Far from static objects, these places provide workplaces, museum experiences, recreation, and housing, among many other uses. Historic preservation is fundamentally about managing change sensitively. Without change, a building won’t continue to serve building users, and if important historic features and spaces aren’t preserved, a building will no longer convey the values that make it significant. Finding the right balance is always the challenge.  
Historic preservation projects require diverse skills and an unparalleled rigor to the design process—whether the treatment is preservation, rehabilitation, or restoration. The preservation philosophy of Quinn Evans Architects’ Heritage Conservation Studio is rooted in historic research, analysis, and creativity. We embrace new technologies that improve our ability to deliver the best possible preservation design and documentation for our clients. We employ traditional and modern technology as appropriate to conserve and repair buildings. We devise solutions that preserve the important aspects of historic buildings, adapt elements strategically, and integrate state-of-the-art systems and infrastructure seamlessly. We implement sustainable technology and strategies where appropriate, practicing at the intersection of historic preservation and sustainability.  
Accommodating change in historic buildings and at historic sites requires a thoughtful, studied approach. We believe it is vital to leverage design opportunities for each preservation project, respect the values that make each property significant, and meet our clients’ needs and aspirations as they renew and preserve their assets for ongoing use and new uses.

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