As part of a $1.6 million investment by the City, a $600,000 comprehensive framework will be developed for Islandview / Greater Villages in Detroit.

Quinn Evans Architects will contribute to this revitalization plan as part of a team led by SmithGroup JJR and Christian Hurtienne Architects that also involves other subcontractors HR&A, Copenhaganize and the Center for Community Progress.  
Islandview / Greater Villages is one of three additional targeted neighborhoods as part of the City’s 20-minute neighborhood program that will see planning and design to reinvigorate housing stock, increase density through renovation, and make better use of green space. Other neighborhoods include Northwest / Grand River Corridor, Southwest Detroit / West Vernor Corridor, and Rosa Parks-Clairmount. 

“It comes down to investing on planning and design in a few targeted neighborhoods in the city in order to revitalize housing stock, renovate apartment buildings to increase density, make better use of green space, add bike lanes, and increase retail.”  
- Robin Runyan, Curbed Detroit

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