Quinn Evans Architects is very excited to welcome 3 very talented students to our Washington, DC office.

As part of the Externship Program, offered by the University of Virginia, and a shadow recruit from the University of Maryland, students will get a chance to immerse themselves in the daily work of an architect in historic preservation. It is our belief that allowing students to put their knowledge into practice is an invaluable opportunity, which will have a direct positive impact in their growth as professionals in the architecture industry. We are joined by: 

  • Kelly Haley

  •         UMD School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation 
            Masters in Architecture 
            Masters in Historic Preservation 
  • Peter Sikorsky

  •         UVA School of Architecture 
            Bachelor of Science in Architecture 
            Bachelor of Arts in Hispanic Linguistics 
  • Gabrielle Rashleigh

  •         UVA School of Architecture 
            Bachelor of Science in Architecture 
            Minor in Historic Preservation 

These students have been partnered with a variety of staff members across different projects in an effort to expose them to the profession. While regular internships usually concentrate in developing specific skill sets, shadow programs allows students to get a peek into the totality of the architecture profession. The students will experience practice areas QEA excels at, which include: Historic Preservation & Sustainability, Culture and Learning Environments.  

"We look forward to hosting interns every year. Meeting the next generation of dedicated and talented professionals is fun and rewarding. We do our best to structure their time to provide a variety of experiences that convey a sense of the profession that they wouldn’t get in school." 
- Alyson Steele, AIA, LEED AP

In order to provide a valuable experience for these students, staffers are making conscious efforts to include them in key processes throughout their day. Last week, Peter joined one of our architects on a meeting with the Old Georgetown Review Board. Agency review meetings are an important step in the life of a project, a topic rarely taught in architecture school. Students will also get a chance to do a site visit to one of our projects at the Marie Reed Community Center, currently under construction.  
This program is not only beneficial for students, it provides a unique experience for our younger staff to fine tune leadership skills necessary to excel in the profession.  

We’ve found the shadowing experience to be very symbiotic. They’ve not only been willing and able additions to our project team but they bring fresh insight and enthusiasm to the project. While they get the opportunity to experience the professional side of architecture, this also gives junior staff an opportunity to practice their leadership and communication skills while giving direction on a project. We look forward to more opportunities to work with these and other students in the future. 
- Abby Tourtellotte, AIA, LEED AP

Quinn Evans Architects has always committed to education and are happy to do our part in educating future professionals in the industry.