The Cincinnati Art Museum has selected Quinn Evans Architects for renovations to their historic building. QEA will lead and coordinate the design team for a project that will implement a program that will improve the performance and energy efficiency of the interior environment of the museum facility.  
The Cincinnati Art Museum is one of the oldest art museums in the United States; the Romanesque-revival building designed by Cincinnati architect James W. McLaughlin. The building has undergone several renovation and expansion campaigns since its opening in 1886, and as result, the Museum now includes approximately 292,000 square feet. 
The building refurbishment project will begin with a study of the building envelope to asses conditions and develop strategies and designs for improvements. The team will perform infrastructure assessments and develop solutions to address environmental performance and natural light and ultraviolet radiation management issues. QEA’s project team includes Principal-in-Charge Larry Barr, AIA, Project Executive Steve Jones, AIA, Museum Planner/Designer Alyson Steele, AIA, and Senior Project Architect Richard Renaud, AIA. This team will draw on extensive project experience in envelope improvements to existing and historic buildings used as museums.