The Mary Idema Pew Library is an example of how a building can reach LEED Platinum status by making sure to incorporate all of the low hanging fruit of the sustainability world. While the building does not have solar panels or geothermal, decisions were made to maximize daylighting and to use demand controlled ventilation to reduce mechanical and electrical loads. The natural daylight reaches 75 percent of the interior spaces! Other sustainable features of the building include roof top gardens, energy recovery, low energy air distribution, occupancy sensor activated lighting and mechanical systems, radiant flooring and active window shades. 
The biggest take home point was that a simple inspection after construction using an infrared thermal imaging camera was used to determine that over 40 windows needed to be replaced due to the seals being sheared during installation from the weight of the glass. It is one thing to write a great specification but it is critical that we are testing the performance of these systems.  
Stantec designed the building with a predicted annual energy use intensity (EUI) of 90 kBtu/ft2, which is a 44 percent improvement over a code minimum building.