The historic structure on the corner of Kingsley & Detroit streets in Ann Arbor, Michigan is Zingerman's world-famous deli offering a unique charm and wafting a tantalizing aroma. Foodies from across the globe drool over the offerings inside. By 2009 the popular deli needed to expand, and the environmentally-committed owners engaged Quinn Evans Architects in a four-year collaboration and have been awarded LEED Gold for their efforts in sustainable building practices. 
Through QEA's efforts, the owners retained all the best of the destination's quirky features, while becoming a model of resource efficiency and sustainable building and working practices. Zingerman's LEED Gold certification became official on St. Patrick's day, which was a wonderful birthday present for the deli, celebrating its 32nd anniversary on March 15. 
The expanded building more than doubles the deli's square footage, accommodating its more intensive uses while complementing the traditional architecture and materials of the neighborhood. The overall site design creates a welcoming environment for guests, including improved accessibility, restrooms, and more seating options. Sustainability solutions fulfill Zingerman's commitment to lessening its impact on the environment by reducing stormwater runoff, recapturing waste heat, and enhancing thermal efficiency.