Located in Liberty Craftworks of Greenfield Village, the transformed interior of the McDonald and Sons Machine Shop showcases the diverse and exciting spectrum of the museum’s collection, and serves as both conclusion to the adjacent authentic glassblowing experience at the Hot Shop and as a stand-alone jewel of a glass gallery.


  • Located within Greenfield Village
  • In association with James Carpenter Design Associates
  • Features more than 700 pieces of glass


  • 2017 Award of Merit, AIA Detroit
  • 2017 Award of Merit, AIA Huron Valley

The new vestibule is an impressive glass expression that intersects the existing building and surrounds the large entrance opening. The architectural expression is a combination of old and new, creativity and functionality, materials and performance, along with the careful transmission, redirection and diffusion of light. The finely tuned environment is accented by the highest standard in exhibit casework and technology, all working together to create a state-of-the-art presentation of glass, poetic storytelling and overall unified guest experience.