Located along Detroit’s historic Avenue of Fashion at the corner of Livernois Avenue and 7 Mile Road, 7.Liv provides an anchor development to city’s former cultural mecca which was replete with art galleries, high-end retail, specialty boutiques, bookstores, and lively nightclubs.



  • Adaptive use of department store for mixed-use/residential development for active living
  • Two-story urban infill construction
  • Underground parking

The B. Siegel Department Store will be rehabilitated for an anchor tenant on the ground floor with apartment units above to cater to a burgeoning student population. A new, two-story, contemporary urban infill complements the existing building and embraces the pedestrian scale and context of the surrounding neighborhood. This will serve the community by providing ample space for future retail, commercial, cafes, and restaurants served by an underground parking garage. The revitalization of this important Detroit corner will bring an infusion of residents along with a concentration of activities at a pedestrian scale to create a walkable, engaging, and vibrant urban environment.