Like its predecessors in Henrico County, the new Fairfield Library is envisioned as a center of opportunity and hub for learning.

Henrico County continues to invest in its communities and neighborhoods with a robust library program that has created multiple new libraries in just a few short years. The new Fairfield Area library will build on its highly successful predecessors – the Libbie Mill and Varina Libraries, both designed by Quinn Evans Architects.  


  • 44,000 SF
  • Community Library
  • New Construction

Responding to Unique needs of the Community

Following course, the Fairfield Library will be founded on a highly regarded County-wide service model that has been informed and tuned to the needs of the local community by insights derived from discussions with County leaders and community stakeholders. These conversations helped create two unique design themes at Fairfield that respond to the needs and aspirations of the community - the teaching of life skills and a focus on family. 
The public enters the building at the intersection of two 2-story building volumes. From this locus, patrons can easily locate and access the Adult Area and community meeting spaces on the main floor and the Teen and Children’s Areas on the upper floor.  

The suite of public meeting spaces includes a large community meeting room and a conference room, typical of other County libraries. At Fairfield, patrons will be able to use a multi-functional classroom for life skills classes and activities. Programs will be developed by library staff as well local community volunteer groups. The classroom opens to an outdoor instructional space. The one-button recording studio, unique to the Fairfield Library, will allow the public to record personal histories, practice for personal presentations, or participate in online meeting & interviews.

On the upper floor, the thresholds to the Teen and Children’s Areas are connected by a family collaboration space, designed to primary function as a central gathering spot for parents and caregivers. Outfitted with a variety of seating options and tables, and supported by technology, this zone will function as a space for informal gathering and productive work of adults, while younger family members are engaged in activities in the adjoining areas.

Designed to reinforce the proud spirit of the Fairfield community, the library is sited prominently along Laburnum Drive – a primary vehicular artery into the area of the County. The library complements a collection of other community facilities completed in the last decade – a recreation center, a health center, and the Quinn Evans Architects designed Harvie Elementary School. The site will have generous outdoor gathering space as well as pedestrian and bicycle pathways connecting the Library to the adjoining network of pubic roadways. 
This new 44,000 SF library was designed in conjunction with Tappé Architects.