The Quinn Evans Architects team employed creative design solutions to reinforce the educational curriculum and create an identity for this neighborhood school.

Leveraging a powerful graphics and wayfinding program, the design creates a new welcome and secure entry with a sense of arrival into the school, high-performance classrooms that promote academic success, and a sense of place, identity, and community for students and staff.  


  • Modernized urban public elementary school
  • Reinforced sense of identity through wayfinding graphics
  • 40,000 sf renovation
  • Originally constructed in 1959 with an addition in 1972

Identity Branding

The modernization presented the opportunity to “rebrand” the school around their identity as a waterfront school. Interior wayfinding and neighborhood graphics were developed around icons that reference the Chesapeake Bay watershed ecosystem. This strategy is also intended to reinforce the educational curriculum by focusing awareness around local ecosystem and sustainability initiatives.