Working with the National Park Service and Montgomery County the restoration of Glen Echo Park reclaimed a beloved landmark from years of neglect and decay.

Restoring, renovating, and reconstructing the main buildings of the park to provide energy efficient and productive spaces for cultural and community events preserved the rich history of the park. Work included the stabilization of the surrounding site and the reconstruction of the amusement park era façades. Focal points include the Arcade Building, the Denzel Carousel, the children’s Adventure Theatre and the Chautauqua Tower.


  • Iconic historic site within George Washington Memorial Parkway
  • Restoration of amusement park, arts, and cultural center
  • Stabilization of surrounding site
Renovated structure is now used as a gallery and artist studio.Elevation shows extent of stone and yellow barn reconstruction, insertion of new wood windows and new mechanical basement.Barn interior was reconstructed based on study of historic photographs and on site investigation.

Reclaiming the Barn

Based on a study of historic photographs and on site investigations, the previously neglected Chautauqua Barn was renovated for use as a gallery and studio. The transformation required extensive reconstruction of the stone as well as new wood windows and new basement to enable the optimal use of the historic structure.

Restoring amusement to the park

Many of the original features of the park have been artfully restored, including the carousel which was returned to its original construction and color palette. The revitalized buildings with the park including new additional leasable space preserve the playful energy of the setting to draw a wide range of visitors on a daily basis.