Hylton Performing Arts Center
Manassas, Virginia
George Mason University

The expansion of the university’s regional performing arts center will support current and emerging academic and community-based programs at the venue. Connecting the north and east sides of the existing building, our team unified the building to create a flexible place for emerging musicians, artists, and dancers to practice and perfect their crafts. We designed flexibility into the instructional classrooms and practice spaces to offer multi-function options for the venue. The large hall doubles as a rehearsal and performance area for the orchestral and choral groups while also accommodating conferences and special events. The distinct form and materials of the addition complement the existing building while creating a special environment for students and the campus community.

The Solution

The Education and Rehearsal Wing will complete the original vision for the Hylton Performing Arts Center, finalizing its footprint with…a clear understanding of what this region requires in order to excel as a sophisticated arts community. The wing will allow the artists and arts educators of our community to fully facilitate the entire life-cycle of artistic creation.
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Project Team

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