Lillian Jones Apartments
Baltimore, Maryland

Set atop Amtrak’s east Baltimore rail tunnels, the Lillian Jones Apartments project serves as a catalyst for urban renewal in the neighborhood. Drawing from the community’s revitalization, Quinn Evans’ design complements the character and surrounding green space of the community providing a pleasant transition to the adjacent historic Green Mount Cemetery. Anchoring community gentrification, the apartments feature ground floor common areas that align along an active Hoffman Street. Inside, the entry’s glass walls connect the outdoors to the public lounge offering a museum-quality display highlighting the neighborhood’s history and celebrating the community’s transformation. Overcoming the inability to build on a prominent corner of the site due to the tunnels, an attractive green space—featuring a sculpture display and creating an appealing setback—serves as screening for the surface parking lot.

The Solution



  • American Institute of Architects, Baltimore Excellence in Design Award
‘The quality of the grounds and building design instantly changed the identity of the neighborhood...sustainability, good looks, and amenities don’t need to remain in the exclusive domain of luxury.’
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