Set in a long-neglected community atop Amtrak’s east Baltimore rail tunnels, the award-winning Lillian Jones Apartments project has catalyzed a renewal of this historic urban neighborhood.

The design of the four-story, U-shaped structure, including its scale, massing, detailing, and use of materials, complements the community’s character, including older homes nearby. The surrounding green space also provides a pleasant transition to the adjacent Green Mount Cemetery, established in 1838.


  • A four-story, 74-unit affordable housing complex
  • Complements the scale and character of the urban neighborhood
  • Building sited and designed to avoid two Amtrak tunnels beneath the site
  • Project has anchored the community’s urban revitalization


  • AIA Baltimore Excellence in Design Award

The building features 74 apartment units, with an entry and ground floor common areas that align with and activate Hoffman Street. Glass walls in the entry lobby encourage views and connect the building to the outdoors. A south-facing landscaped courtyard organizes the building and creates a transition from an open lounge and courtyard patio. Inside, a museum-quality historic display in the public lounge highlights the history of the neighborhood and the efforts of the community. 
The location over the Amtrak tunnels prevented construction on a prominent corner of the site. An attractive green space with a sculpture display was designed for this corner, creating an appealing setback and screening the surface parking lot.

The quality of the grounds and building design instantly changed the identity of the neighborhood...sustainability, good looks, and amenities don’t need to remain in the exclusive domain of luxury.

- Klaus Philipsen, The Baltimore Business Journal