Quinn Evans Architects designed a community-inspired interior for the newly-constructed New Buffalo Township Public Library.

Located on the west side of Michigan, the library’s close proximity to the water is reflected in the interior design’s contemporary interpretation of beach casual design. The use of saturated blues and greens creates a clean, crisp, and serene environment for library patrons, while the unique design of the donor wall provides visual interest. 


  • Providing space planning, furnishings and interior design services
  • Designing to reflect materials of the Lake Michigan shoreline
  • Developed in association with FTC&H
  • 18,100 sf new construction

Early Learning

In contrast to the calm environment of the main floor, the children’s area on the lower floor is a vibrant, high energy space designed especially for its small patrons. Special attention was paid to integrating principles of early childhood development and literacy into the design and space planning. Custom millwork creates fun spaces, including a structure reminiscent of a boat, and a secluded nook for parents to read with their toddlers.