Facing the iconic Gateway Arch along the Mississippi River, the Old Courthouse at the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial has been a Midwestern landmark for more than 150 years.

Quinn Evans Architects has supported the National Park Service’s program to protect and preserve the Civil War-era building over the past two decades, providing surveys, assessments, and repair and restoration recommendations for interior and exterior improvements.


  • Cornice stone survey and restoration/replacement documentation, copper roof replacement, chimney structural/seismic survey, historic paint analysis, and a water infiltration study
  • National historic site; constructed in 1859-62
  • Site of many historic trials



  • Copper Association Award
The site of many important 19th-century trials, the Old Courthouse was the setting for the Dred Scott trials in 1847 and 1850—setting the stage for the Civil War—as well as Virginia Minor’s historic case for a woman’s right to vote in the 1870s.


QEA’s services have included a comprehensive cornice stone survey, testing evaluations, and final reports, which led to the installation of 593 new cornice stones. The firm also directed a water infiltration investigation, a copper roof survey and documentation for a complete roof replacement, and a historic courtroom paint analysis.