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7 October 2013
QEA Principals Baird Smith, FAIA, FAPT and Carl Elefante, FAIA, LEED AP will be presenting at Architecture Exchange East 2013. The education session, "Urban Historic Districts: The Next 50 Years", will be given Friday, November 8 from 8.30am - 10.00am.
1 October 2013
Quinn Evans Architects' most recent newsletter "Preserving the Recent Past" features the firm's expertise in the evaluation, assessment, preservation, restoration, repair, retrofit, rehabilitation, renewal, and repurposing of mid-century Modern architecture.
6 September 2013
Quinn Evans Architects was selected through a design competition among four pre-selected firms for the major revitalization of the Bird House facility at the National Zoological Park. The project will feature Marvelous Migrations, a major exhibit that encompasses the historic Bird House, Great Flight Cage, Bird House Plateau, and the surrounding area. The new exhibit will interpret the amazing story of bird migration and the science behind it. The venue will provide a global perspective of bird migration and reflecting the NZP’s mission of excellence in animal exhibition and sustainable husbandry. The project will follow the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation to maintain the historic exterior appearance of the original Bird House and replace its missing main entry.
30 August 2013
QEA has issued its most recent newsletter "Preserving the Recent Past" which is focused on the the assessment, evaluation, preservation, restoration, repair, retrofit, rehabilitation, renewal and re-purposing of Modern architecture.