Our Vision

We see a better world.

Where others see limits, we see possibilities.

We preserve the valuable aspects of the past while incorporating the best solutions for the future.

By balancing history and community context with our clients' aspirations, we create enduring places.

We believe that creative minds bring about extraordinary possibilities. We truly collaborate amongst ourselves, with our clients, and their stakeholders.

Who we are

Quinn Evans Architects is a preeminent authority in preservation and sustainable stewardship, and plays an increasingly influential role in defining the future of the field.

QEA has grown from a two-man studio founded in 1984 to a thriving multi-faceted firm with a national presence. We have four full-service offices in Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, Ann Arbor, Detroit, MI, and Richmond, VA, as well as a studio in Madison, WI.

Today we focus on providing award-winning architecture and design with a perspective informed by history and place.