Connected by design

We believe that design has the ability to empower community—and the future ahead.

Leading with collaboration, Quinn Evans is driven to discover design solutions that enrich lives. We’re humbled to contribute our skills and make a long-lasting, positive impact.

United in our commitment to use our creativity and expertise to achieve award-winning and extraordinary designs that sustain and renew the built environment.

A collage of all of the Quinn Evans employees' faces.

Lead with strength and compassion.

Born collaborators and expert facilitators, we guide and share together in the process of problem-solving. We empower people to learn and grow. Through our work, we enhance the sense of belonging and connection.

Thrive in Diversity

We discover solutions collaboratively—reimagining and preserving culture for generations to come. Our inclusive design solutions create accessible places and a sense of belonging for all.

Build for the Future

Our work, employees, and clients are all a testimony to our commitment to bettering design, enhancing sustainability practices, and creating a positive impact for communities and the planet.

I have to say that I don’t think a better, more unified design team could have been assembled for this project. The way you’ve embraced it, and the way you have congealed is gratifying.

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