Quinn Evans Coloring Book \\ Donate to Project Pipeline (Michigan)

July 20, 2020
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Quinn Evans Coloring Book \\ Donate to Project Pipeline (Michigan)

A coloring book illustration of a historic cornice.

The Quinn Evans team is excited to share this fun coloring book with you, which features some of the amazing buildings and endeavors we have been part of. You will also find interesting tidbits about each project's history or community impact - because to us, that's the most important part! We hope this book inspires you to engage with the spaces that shape your community and the people who make it uniquely great.

This book is available for download so you can print it and share it with family and friends.

In addition to simply feeding your creativity, we ask that you consider making a voluntary donation to Michigan's Project Pipeline. Project Pipeline is a nation-wide architecture mentorship program run by the National Organization of Minority Architects, with a mission to empower young people to affect change in their community through design.

This year, the Michigan-wide camp will be held online due to Covid-19 precautions, and we hope it will reach many more students. All donations will go toward supporting the program, to help NOMA Detroit's Project Pipeline benefit as many students as possible.

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Please share the Quinn Evans Coloring Book and Michigan Project Pipeline donation link with anyone you wish to inspire!

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