Patti Babin
Fitwel Amb.

As an architectural historian and cultural resource specialist, Patti Kuhn Babin provides meaningful context on preservation projects, sifting through layers of research to bring clarity to the historic intent and significance of buildings, landscapes, infrastructure, and neighborhoods. She contributes vital background and insights to the preservation planning process and long-term stewardship, helping to reveal opportunities for the history of a property to inspire new uses and design concepts.

Patti has completed fieldwork, surveys, inventories, and reports for numerous high-profile projects of both local and national significance. She has completed National Register of Historic Places determinations of eligibility for hundreds of property types, ranging from residential historic districts and academic campuses to bridges, military structures, and cultural landscapes.

Throughout her career, Patti has combined a love of history and research with a deep appreciation for architecture and community heritage. While her knowledge and expertise span a variety of design eras, she is particularly excited about the preservation and reuse of distinctive buildings of the Modern era.


Master of Arts in Historic Preservation, George Washington University, 2005

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Architectural History, Savannah College of Art and Design, 2000


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