An Inspirational Transformation

College of Business

College of Business

Coppin State University
Baltimore, Maryland

A new symbol of transformation and innovation, Coppin State’s latest addition to its 65-acre campus is home to the Center for Strategic Entrepreneurship and the School of Graduate Studies. Quinn Evans and Goody Clancy collaborated to reimagine the former Percy Julian Science and Art Building through targeted demolition, renovation, and the integration of a two-story addition—expanding the overall building to 64,400 sf.

A central “heart” hub anchors the building’s interior while its location at the corner of Warwick and West North Avenue serves as a welcoming gateway to the campus. Features such as lounges, tech-rich classrooms, an entertainment studio & lab, executive conference rooms, and office spaces provide a dynamic atmosphere for both students and staff.

Throughout the building, there’s a high level of support for student engagement and we look forward continued growth, innovation and collaboration between our students, faculty, staff, and business partners.

Project Complexities

Unique to this project were: 1) the surgical nature of demolition and removal in close proximity to adjacent structures to remain, 2) coordinating and efficiently tying into existing and rerouted infrastructure, and 3) stitching together partially accessible pathways through campus with a new system of ramps and walkways.

An exterior nighttime photograph of an educational business building.

Showcasing Innovative Structural Design

One of the project’s primary design drivers was to reuse as much of the existing foundation system as possible. This resulted in a large structural truss that allows the building addition to span across and reuse existing footings—becoming a dramatic feature element in the final design.

An interior photograph of a business building lobby for students.

Formal and Informal Learning

The upgraded facility features flexible, active learning environments for innovative research, hands-on-training, and entrepreneurial pursuits, as well as thoughtfully designed gathering spaces that enhance student life: breakout spaces, lounges, and an outdoor terrace.

An interior photograph of a educational business building lobby.

Social and Community Connections

A new circulation space and courtyard between the two building wings establishes a social heart for the College and connects to the campus’ pedestrian spine. Vibrant outreach programs are placed on the ground floor to strengthen connections between the College and the surrounding campus community.

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