Benjamin Franklin Museum
National Park Service, Independence National Historical Park
Philadelphia, PA

Working with the National Park Service, our team engaged a large stakeholder group to renew and enliven visitor experience at the site of Benjamin Franklin’s last home. The renovation of the underground museum is the first since its original opening in 1976. Quinn Evans collaborated with a large multi-disciplined team to define and deliver a unified renovation that features new dynamic exhibits that promote a more free-flowing and self-paced interactive experience. A new and distinctive entry point with a custom glass curtainwall creates a shadowbox effect on the interior and frames the ghost structures by Robert Venturi outside in the court. This unique setting sets the stage for an engaging encounter for visitors. Within the construct of a modern museum environment with energy efficient-systems and sustainable features, the museum engages visitors of all ages to present the story of its namesake character’s interest, intellect, and accomplishments.

The Solution


  • American Institute of Architects, DC Award in Architecture
  • American Institute of Architects, Potomac Valley Honor Award
“Preserving the character of the Franklin Museum, including the ghost house, informed and inspired our design approach.”
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“The museum is new in almost every way, save for its site. There is finally an institution with enough technology and innovation to honor the man for whom it was built.”

Project Team

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