Living Learning Residence Hall 6
Gallaudet University
Washington, DC

Applying DeafSpace Guidelines, our team collaborated with design architects LTL to create a vibrant and interactive place for students to connect and to communicate with one another. The new Living and Learning Residence Hall 6 reflects breakthrough concepts in visual language and collaboration among students, promoting free-flowing conversation and further building the campus community. Working closely with the University, we developed a safe and easy environment for deaf and hard of hearing students to converse through unimpeded sign language and visual communication. Mindful of distractions, our design incorporated tiered floors to preserve clear sightlines, specific paint colors to minimize glare, and acoustical ceiling solutions to reduce ambient noise, aiding student conversations. Suite-style residences for students and faculty utilized sight lines and open spaces to create thoughtful connections and adjacencies. The extension of public areas enhanced community spaces and included a large, terraced living room, classrooms, and offices. In addition, a flexible collaboration (CoLab) studio provided comfortable spaces for students to enjoy between classes.

The Solution



  • Best Institutional Facility, National Association for Industrial and Office Parks, Maryland/DC Chapter
  • Craftsmanship Award, Washington Building Congress
  • Merit Award, American Institute of Architects | Potomac Valley
  • Presidential Citation for Universal Design
“The residence hall represents a holistic example of best practices involving optimum space, better light, adequate proximity, calibrated color, and good acoustics—factors that matter a great deal (but not exclusively) to the deaf.”
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