Open Works
Baltimore, Maryland

Seeing untapped potential in the Station North Arts District, transforming an empty, two-story warehouse into an inclusive source of economic, creative and social opportunity invigorated a storied Baltimore community. Open Works is now the sixth largest makerspace in the country—developing skills and employment for people and fueling a renewed manufacturing legacy for the city. The 34,000 square foot building gives life to small-scale manufacturing, creative startups, and individual artists and craftspeople. Connecting innovation to creativity within the community, members enjoy access to the numerous tools, technical resources and studio, shop, and lab spaces necessary to practice and maintain their craft.

The Solution


  • Design Award, American Institute of Architects, Baltimore
  • Design Award, American Institute of Architects, Maryland
  • Wavemaker Award, Urban Land Institute, Baltimore
  • Excellence in Construction Merit Award, Associated Builders & Contractors of Maryland
  • Heritage Achievement Award for Historic Baltimore Neighborhoods, Baltimore Heritage
  • Sustainable Growth Award for Sustainable Community, Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission
"People will not only create [here] but create jobs. ...The people who once felt invisible will become invincible."
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“Everyone is a maker. We’ve built a place where anyone can build nearly anything.”

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