Restoration Gardens II
Baltimore, Maryland

Young adults facing the challenges of outgrowing foster care or homelessness find hope and a safe place to call home at Restoration Gardens II. Meeting both staff and resident’s needs, our design delivers housing and vital, on-site support spaces for counseling, education and career development, creating a positive foundation for success and preparing Baltimore’s youth for a better future. Our second facility for the program, the new building filled a need in the City’s supportive housing market and stimulated revitalization in the community. Studio apartments feature individual kitchens and bathrooms with built-in amenities, including storage and dining counters, and provide a comfortable and secure haven for residents. Mindful of budgets, the design utilized highly efficient mechanical and plumbing systems and LED fixtures to reduce operating costs.

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HANDS, Best Affordable Small Housing Project

“When Restoration Gardens 1 was opened, the positive impact it had on the community was immediately clear. All rooms available were leased within three months of its opening. Soon after, a senior center in the area was renovated, and homeownership in the vicinity increased, along with maintenance of other nearby buildings. Restoration Gardens 2 is projected to have a similar positive effect, creating jobs during its construction and lowering the rate of homelessness and crime in the area. By providing supportive housing for a population in need, both the city and the youth living there are prepared for a better future”
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