Celebrating Infrastructure
May 17, 2022

Infrastructure anchors and connects communities

Infrastructure anchors and connects communities, ensuring our safety, keeping us on the move, and enhancing our quality of life. Our planning and design work addresses the vast realm of civic infrastructure, including bridges, rail and transit facilities, schools, parks, and roads. Whether creating vital new components or renewing existing structures, Quinn Evans crafts solutions that enrich the built environment and contribute to vibrant communities.

The rehabilitation of the Arlington Memorial Bridge renewed the structural integrity of this vital metropolitan link while preserving its historic details and character.

First Impressions and a Lasting Impact

The design of infrastructure, from parking garages to treatment facilities, is foundational to the character and resilience of our communities. Infrastructure must be enduring, but can also be beautiful, much like iconic historic bridges, rail stations, and other civic symbols across the nation. Design innovation and creativity are the keys to their lasting resilience and relevance.

Our portfolio includes many examples of new infrastructure, enriching the urban realm as well as academic campuses, parks, small towns, and rural and waterfront settings. We look to both local context and a community’s vision for the future as inspiration, bringing form and function together indistinctive new structures that create a lasting impact.

A new parking garage on the Rockville campus of Montgomery College in Maryland optimized a constrained site to create a striking gateway building.

Celebrating Our Resourceful Past                            

With our expertise in historic preservation, we also recognize the importance of sensitively rehabilitating and restoring our nation’s existing infrastructure, including cherished symbols of earlier eras. Our architects and planners honor the ingenuity and industrial drive that have long been the hallmark of our communities, linking our resourceful past with the promise of the future.

Quinn Evans has renewed and restored dozens of rail stations throughout the U.S., preserving historic integrity while modernizing facilities to support current and future operations. An ambitious mixed-use expansion by Penn Station Partners will revitalize Baltimore’s historic transit hub.

Quinn Evans’ experience with preservation projects brings value and proven methodology to the renewal of complex infrastructure projects. We collaborate closely as part of multidiscipline teams to design upgrades that support sustainable stewardship while respecting cultural context and historical relevance. Our thoughtful, research-based approach and attention to detail ensure that unique character and original design elements are protected and restored, whether extending the life of a structure or repurposing a facility for new generations to experience.

Our knowledge of advanced preservation technology and skills in coordinating with planning and regulatory agencies facilitate project delivery and have proven invaluable time and again in meeting critical budget and schedule parameters. We partner with our clients as stewards to bring new life to historic infrastructure while continuing to celebrate the historical moments and achievements they represent.

An imaginative plan to transform the historic infrastructure at Washington, DC’s McMillan Reservoir will bring new community assets including a park and community center.

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