Queries & Theories: Cultural Heritage & Climate Action

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Queries & Theories: Cultural Heritage & Climate Action

For our first Queries & Theories webcast (hosted live on June 10, 2020), Carl Elefante, FAIA, FAPT moderates as Andrew Potts, Coordinator of the Climate Heritage Network & Brenda Williams, ASLA, Principal / Director of Preservation Planning with Quinn Evans, discuss threats to cultural heritage sites as a result of climate change, how climate change solutions can also imperil these cherished sites, and how heritage conservation perspectives can shape and support appropriate climate action measures to protect these sites.

From the threat of sea-level rise to the Statue of Liberty to the impact of transmission corridors for wind farms and solar arrays on native lands, our cultural heritage assets are at great risk from climate change and, in some cases, measures aimed at mitigating climate change. Our cultural heritage experts explore:

How are cultural heritage specialists, who focus on long-term, multi-generational preservation, and resilience, in a unique position to contribute to effective climate action strategies?

What are the benefits of engaging indigenous peoples and local communities in addressing climate change and promoting connections between people and nature?

What are the evolving responsibilities of heritage conservation professionals and advocates in confronting climate change?

Watch our Queries & Theories: Session 1, Cultural Heritage & Climate Action webcast recording below.

View the transcript here.

Learn More About the Speakers

Andrew Potts is the coordinator of the Climate Heritage Network and the International Council on Monuments and Sites’ (ICOMOS) Climate Change and Heritage Working Group. He previously practiced law in the area of financing for sustainable development, and served as an associate general counsel of the US National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Brenda Williams, ASLA is a principal and Director of Preservation Planning with Quinn Evans. She is the recipient of the 2020 Life Achievement Award from the Wisconsin chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects. A leader in the preservation of cultural landscapes, Williams’ career has focused on the conservation, adaptation, and stewardship of historic and culturally significant sites.

Carl Elefante, FAIA, FAPT is Quinn Evans Principal Emeritus. The former president of the AIA, he is a longtime champion of sustainable design and stewardship and a pioneer in design concepts for historic and environmental preservation.

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