Michigan Central Station Featured in Metropolis

Lorynn Holloway
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Our Michigan Central Station project is featured in a Metropolis article highlighting cutting-edge redevelopments that reinvigorate historic buildings for contemporary use.

Our Michigan Central Station project is featured in the Metropolis article “Adaptive Reuse Projects Prioritize Flexibility for the Future,” highlighting cutting-edge redevelopments that are reinvigorating historic buildings for contemporary uses.

Quinn Evans is leading a multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers, historians, and conservation specialists to rehabilitate Michigan Central Station. The article emphasizes our creative reuse of the towering station as the centerpiece of Ford Motor Company’s Corktown research campus and describes how we’re navigating the limitations imposed by historic tax credit funding. Richard Hess, AIA, a principal at Quinn Evans and the project manager for Michigan Central Station’s restoration, is quoted saying the structure is being designed for as much flexibility as possible while respecting its historic character.

A building can serve multiple uses over time, but you have to know what can work within the historic context.
-Richard Hess, AIA

Ford bought the Station in 2018 with the vision to transform this Detroit landmark into a mobility hub featuring a dynamic mix of cutting-edge office, retail, and public space. We’re incorporating preservation and placemaking strategies to create an inclusive and inspiring setting that connects the city’s pioneering past to a promising future.

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