Preserving Black History Legacies Project Series: Sam Gilliam Art Studio

Samantha Malott
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Preserving Black History Legacies

Quinn Evans has been involved with a series of extraordinary projects to preserve the invaluable legacy of African Americans whose experiences and achievements have enriched our country, often at a great personal sacrifice. Protecting these places enables immersive visitor education and engagement with the past, perpetuating the immeasurable impact these events have had on our continued quest for equality.

Sam Gilliam Art Studio

His art is held by some of the world’s most well-known collectors and museums, yet he isn’t a household name. He doesn’t want his work to be defined by his race, but he’s known for breaking boundaries. Sam Gilliam has had his bright and colorful artwork displayed in some of the most prestigious galleries, including MOMA. His Washington, DC, studio is where his art is made.

Quinn Evans transformed an urban brick building into a vibrant, open studio space for the internationally renowned artist. The site previously served as a store, gas station, office, and warehouse. The award-winning adaptive use project created a large working studio including a gallery/office, a textile shop, and storage for paintings and supplies.

Sam Gilliam in 1973
The sewing shop sits atop the office/gallery
The open studio

Click here to learn more about Sam Gilliam in his 2018 NPR interview.

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